Customer FAQs

When your order is placed, we receive the information and it is automatically sent to the closest manufacture to your location and or our warehouse. Shipping times will be calculated from when the item is produced, not when the item is ordered.

This is due to the printing process. Do not fret, it is only a vinegar solution spray that helps the ink adhere to the shirt. We suggest turning your shirt inside out and washing it before wearing.

When you wash your shirt, make sure you use delicate settings and ALWAYS turn the shirt inside out. This will help hold the art on the shirt.

Please send an email to with your order number and what is incorrect about your order and we will get you the right order. We also require a photo so that we can show the manufacturer what went wrong. This includes wrong sizes, damaged products, wrong items, etc.

We are currently limiting what garments we print on to ensure you get quality garments we know will last and feel comfortable. As the store grows, we will add in new garments and hopefully will print the art you would like on your favorite apparel. Also, majority of our store owners are in charge of their garments so you can always politely ask them is something is available.

We mainly use Bella + Canvas, American Apparel & Gilden products due to their quality for POD. Each product is labeled with the blank’s information so please read the notes on each garment. *Please note that if the blank you order is out of stock it will be replaced with a similar product to ensure you get your product on time.

You are free to email us suggestions for products, but please know that we release products that we know will sell well and have years of experience with selling merchandise products. For the quickest responses please join our discord and contact us there!

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Partner FAQs

Visit the How It Works page for more information. We are currently accepting content creators applications.

That is up to you! We believe everyone should have the opportunity to sell high quality product and more importantly professionally designed merch. We aim to solve these issues in the industry.

You may, however, they must meet out high standards for design quality. Our team has designed for the largest brands in the world so we take pride in selection only the top quality designs. 

Could be for several reasons. The most common being the level of design was not at a professional level, we are concerned about printing issues, there is possible stock imagery being used, or the art was stolen. 

Most denied designs will come with revisions necessary to have the art uploaded to the site. You may have your artist complete these or we will complete them for you with a small maintenance fee.

As the main focus, no. We try to avoid as much stock imagery as possible because the licenses for stock images are typically not favorable to merchandise. In the end the risk is on your side but if we know a graphic is based primarily around a stock image, we will deny the design for our site, but welcome you to use our creative services to create a new original image.

We give the majority of our partners 15% royalty on each item sold. 

We do the most of them in house. This is a paid service and we encourage you to check out our pre-made designs or purchase new original designs through HST Design.

We sure do! Send us an email to to get started!

  • Quality garments and top level professional design
  • We are a growing community and in addition to helping you start your merch store, we provide education and consultation to make sure you get the most out of your store
  • We provide you with high quality resources to continually keep your store updated and fresh