High Score Tees Partner Application

High Score Tees is a Creative Merchandise Solution paving the way to help Content Creators of ALL sizes have access to professionally designed and managed merch.

Our design team has worked with the largest brands and entertainers in the world and it’s now time to Level Up the Gaming World!

We are a Premium Design Service and focus on being a one stop shop for all things related to merch, design and e-commerce solutions. We have partnered with a global Print On Demand solution to fulfil our worldwide audience.

For questions about the application, please send an email to info@highscoretees.com

-Applications CLOSED until October 2021-

  • Must be over 18 to apply.
  • # of Followers On Your Primary Streaming Channel
  • Average CCV
  • Please be descriptive and explain why a partnership between HST and you would be beneficial to both parties involved.
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Support Content Creators and Level Up your Merch Game with High Score Tees

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