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High Score Tees is the Premier merchandise solution for gamers and content creators. We hyper specialize in design solutions and provide global fulfillment. By opening your store with HST you will gain access to our world class merch design team and our expert management and consultation services!

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Why Partner with High Score Tees?

Premium Quality
Elite Design
Customer & Store Support

Gaming Community
Global Fulfillment

We are gamers, streamers, entertainers, artists, and lovers of Merch! As avid fans of streaming and video games, we noticed a huge lack of fun and easy merchandise options for streamers. They had to do all of the heavy lifting, from finding a graphic designer or illustrator, to creating a website and picking the right items to sell. This leads to a lot of potential upfront costs, confusion, an overwhelming amount of random product choices, and low royalties. It is also extremely hard to find merchandise stores that are specialized for streamers and gamers. Insert High Score Tees, the one stop solution for streamers to have professional merchandise designed for their communities, quality store management and customer support, and a platform to sell and support their channels. High Score Tees covers everything from creative services to managing your store so that you can do what you do best and Create Content.


Professional Designers

Our team of elite world class designers specialize in merchandise design solutions. We understand how to design specifically for our printers and apparel products and have worked with the largest entertainment properties in the word. Head over to HST Design to learn more and get started on your next project!

Store Management

In addition to providing you with high quality design services, we also manage your store for you. We pride ouselves on being able to consult you and your brand to get the most out of your e-commerce store. This includes prepping design files, uploading art to garments, and managing event collections like new summer lines or the Holidays! This frees you up to continue to create content, while we help make the best practices for your store decisions, along with your input.


Base Garment Selection

Unisex Tee

Zip Hoodie

Pullover Hoodie

Long Sleeve Tee

Baseball Tee

Tank Top

Coffee Mug


Don’t see what you are looking for?
We have additional garments released often, however these are our tried and true garments that perform the best for our creators! We also have a wide selection of specialty items for select stores so feel free to inquire and see if you qualify!

Support Content Creators and Level Up your Merch Game with High Score Tees

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