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HST Design is the premier design studio for highscoretees.com and the content creation industry. We specialize in merchandise design, illustration, branding, and stream overlay design. We are currently open for commissions to help you level up your merch and or brand! Drop us a message for more information, and we will schedule a FREE creative consultation with you!

Creative Services for the Content Creation Industry

What started out as merch design solutions has grown into a world class creative service studio that can help with anything from opening your new merch store, to designing stunning overlays for your stream. We cover everything from illustration to full package overlay systems. We are eager to get started on all your creative needs so contact us today!

Ready Made Holiday Designs

Services & Estimates

Graphic Design

Price Range $150 -$300
Your standard go to merch design solution. We hyper specialize in merchandise graphics and have worked with some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry.

Illustration Design

Price Range $300 -$800
Illustration for merch graphics is a unique and specialized technique. We are trained professionals in illustrating properly for garments and or posters.

Logo Design

Price Range $500 -$800
A key piece to your brand is the look and feel of it. In addition to offering merchandise solutions, we can also help you create a long lasting logo to solidify your brand voice.

"HST allows you to really take what best represents you and the content you create and they work alongside you the entire time to create the best designs and products for you and your community. My experience with HST so far has been nothing short of amazing, I know I have reliable Partners that I can reach out to at any time for anything."
"I have always found HST to be incredibly approachable, their work is of such a high quality and great standard. The whole team is so punctual and accessible if I need to get ahold of any of them. The main thing that stands out to me is that not only do they care passionately about the work they do and their partner relationships, but that passion also carries over to the customers as well."
"High Score Tees was able to create branding and designs that were truly ME! I love that all the content creator stores on HST are so personalized and individual to that content creator. Everyone has their unique stores and unique items that are tailored to them and their community. HST has gone above and beyond for me and I super appreciate them."

Join our community of content creators and Level Up your BRAND game with world class designs!

Support Content Creators and Level Up your Merch Game with High Score Tees

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